Engaging in Your Child’s Education

“Parents, and the home environment they create, are the single most important factor in shaping their children’s achievements.” 

The CCSP believe strongly in the value of partnerships between home and school & we believe that ALL parents have the capacity to help their children and the right to the support they need in order to do this.

Parent engagement is the integral role we all play as parents & carers in supporting our child’s faith, learning and well-being.

This role is most effective when as parents we focus on:

  • developing positive attitudes towards learning and education,
  • building motivation and confidence in our children as learners, and
  • fostering their enjoyment of learning.

What can we do at home to support our child’s learning?

Research shows that the most effective strategies include:

  • Believing in our child’s potential – The most powerful thing we can do as parents is to show our children that we believe in them and believe in their ability to be successful.
  • Reading together – Reading together and telling stories, helps our children to develop and practise their reading, writing and language skills.
  • Talking with our children – Conversations are an important contributor to children’s learning and development. Talking about things that children are interested in helps them enjoy learning.
  • Supporting our children to develop positive relationship with others – As parents we play an important role in helping our children to build and maintain a positive relationship with their teacher, helping them negotiate with peers and respond appropriately to negative experiences they may encounter.
  • Learning together – Engagement in everyday activities at home like cooking or shopping, going to community events, museums or libraries or just spending time learning with the family, provides our children with the opportunity to be exposed to new things, explore new areas of passion or interest and learn about their family and culture.
  • Creating a positive homework environment – It is important to provide a dedicated space and time for homework, have the same rules as the school about homework and ensure our interactions with our child about homework are positive.
                                                                           Adapted from ACT Progressing Parental Engagement

Visit the CCSP Website for more way to connect with your child’s learning ….

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